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The tea leaves used in MON TEA are cultivated by organic farming or are pesticide-free and are produced only by a passionate tea farmers from Japan, who were precisely selected by founder of MON TEA, Mr Sakamto, during his travels all over Japan in the search of a perfect products.

Currently, it is said that the production of organic tea in Japan is less than 10% of the total production of Japanese tea in Japan.

And in Japan, it has been said for many years that "organic Japanese tea = unpleasant taste".

However, the production volume is increasing year by year, and the quality of Japanese organic tea is rapidly improving due to the efforts of passionate tea farmers.

Currently, the main production area of ​​organic tea in Japan is the Kyushu region in the western part of Japan, and especially Kagoshima prefecture, which  is famous for being a sacred place for organic tea.

In recent years, Japanese organic tea has become popular worldwide. Therefore, there is a tendency of thinking that "organic tea = tea that sell overseas", and there are many poor-quality organic teas produced in Japan.

The tea leaves used in MON TEA are cultivated by organic farming or are pesticide-free and are produced only by a passionate tea farmers who were discovered and appreciated by the taste of their products by founder of MON TEA, Mr. Sakamoto.



NORIHIKO SAKAMOTO has worked as a sommelier for long years in the fine dinning restaurants in Tokyo and Singapore. In May 2018, he returned to Japan from Singapore and traveled throughout Japan for about a year to find the best goods. In August 2019, he moved to Warsaw, Poland, and established the “HIKOEMON Sp. z o. o.”. Taking advantage of his experience until that day, he operates the company as a CEO, and specialist of Japanese liquor and tea.

Mr. Sakamoto is not only an expert in Japanese alcohol and Japanese tea, but also a specialist in various fields of Japanese culture such as gourmet, kimono, flower arrangement, and fine arts, and is wishing to share and present varoius aspects of Japanese culture.


We are specialist of Japanese liquors, Japanese tea and Japanese food.

And we are importing premium Japanese products.

Our products are the finest products that our CEO MR.SAKAMOTO while traveling through Japan, found and carefully selected. 

SAKAMOTO-YA is a stationary store located in the center of the capital, where you can buy the highest quality Japanese food products.

There are products in the stationary store that cannot be purchased in the online store, so we strongly encourage you to visit us in the center of Warsaw!

Our mission is to spread Japanese premium products to the world.

We also invite you to visit our website: