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    169.00 zł

    We are introducing here the best of tea utensils "MON TEA Kurochasen" that is being used to prepare matcha.

    Normally, chasen is made of bamboo, but this product uses "polypropylene", which is a material, that is often used to make toothbrushes, instead of bamboo.

    It is more hygienic than bamboo material because it can be partially removed and washed perfectly.

    Bamboo chasen wears out quickly, but this black chasen wears much less and lasts longer.

    This product was developed under the supervision of a tea ceremony expert and has a quality comparable to that of Japanese high-class chasen (of bamboo material).

  • SAKURA teabag filter 100pcs

    10.90 zł

    Japanese TOKIWA Disposable Filter Bag/Tea, Coffee, Made Japan.  Does not affect the flavor of tea.