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  • カフェ抹茶 CAFÉ MATCHA

    47.00 zł

    packaging: 50g

    Leaves of this MATCHA are the premium ones grown by a passionate farmer in Kagoshima prefecture using organic farming.

    This matcha is a product developed for casual enjoyment of matcha, to easily prepare your favorite matcha drink and enjoy it.

    It is perfect for creating matcha beverages as well as an extraordinary culinary matcha for cakes or chocolate recipes. Please check our matcha recipes for matcha latte and matcha lemonade and many more.

  • 上抹茶 JO MATCHA

    65.00 zł

    packaging: 50g

    This JO MATCHA is a premium matcha that is cultivated with great care by a passionate tea farmer in Kagoshima prefecture.

    Kagoshima Prefecture is Japan's largest producer of  the best quality organic tea.

    It is a masterpiece created by the climate of Kagoshima, the power of nature, and the efforts of human beings.

  • Tokujo Matcha 50g

    95.00 zł

    Presented TOKUJO MATCHA is a fully organic powdered tea from Kagoshima Prefecture. Made of the highest quality, it is ideal for use in the Tea Way.

    The leaves used in the production of this tea have been specially selected to be able to fully enjoy the taste during tea meetings.

    Color, aroma and content umami makes TOKUJO MATCHA the most luxurious of all types of organic matcha teas.

  • Cafe Hojicha 50g

    42.00 zł

    CAFE HOJI CHA is a full-flavored powdered tea made from roasted green tea leaves. CAFE HOJI CHA is a tea that contains a small amount of caffeine, which makes it a healthier substitute for coffee. Not only because of its color, but also because of its taste, it will be perfect for all coffee recipes. CAFE HOJI CHA was created not only for classic drinks, but can also be used as an addition to cakes and other recipes.